AntiderivativeFunction< T >::IntegrableFunctionContext Struct Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
struct maliput::drake::systems::AntiderivativeFunction< T >::IntegrableFunctionContext

The set of values that, along with the function being integrated, partially specify the definite integral i.e.

providing the lower integration bound v and the parameter vector 𝐤, leaving the upper integration bound u to be specified on evaluation.

#include <src/maliput/drake/systems/analysis/antiderivative_function.h>

Public Member Functions

 IntegrableFunctionContext ()=default
 Default constructor that leaves all values unspecified. More...
 IntegrableFunctionContext (const std::optional< T > &v_in, const std::optional< VectorX< T >> &k_in)
 Constructor that specifies all values. More...

Public Attributes

std::optional< T > v
 The lower integration bound v. More...
std::optional< VectorX< T > > k
 The parameter vector 𝐤. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IntegrableFunctionContext() [1/2]

Default constructor that leaves all values unspecified.

◆ IntegrableFunctionContext() [2/2]

IntegrableFunctionContext ( const std::optional< T > &  v_in,
const std::optional< VectorX< T >> &  k_in 

Constructor that specifies all values.

v_inSpecified lower integration bound v.
k_inSpecified parameter vector 𝐤.

Member Data Documentation

◆ k

std::optional<VectorX<T> > k

The parameter vector 𝐤.

◆ v

std::optional<T> v

The lower integration bound v.

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