FromDoubleTraits Struct Reference

Detailed Description

A concrete traits class providing sugar to support for converting only from the double scalar type.

For example, if a MySystem<symbolic::Expression> cannot be converted into a MySystem<double>, it could specialize Traits as follows:

namespace maliput::drake {
namespace systems {
namespace scalar_conversion {
template <> struct Traits<MySystem> : public FromDoubleTraits {};
} // namespace scalar_conversion
} // namespace systems
} // namespace maliput::drake

#include <src/maliput/drake/systems/framework/scalar_conversion_traits.h>

Public Types

template<typename T , typename U >
using supported = typename std::bool_constant< std::is_same_v< U, double > >

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ supported

using supported = typename std::bool_constant<std::is_same_v<U, double> >

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