event.h File Reference
#include <limits>
#include <memory>
#include <unordered_set>
#include <utility>
#include "maliput/drake/common/drake_copyable.h"
#include "maliput/drake/common/value.h"
#include "maliput/drake/systems/framework/context.h"
#include "maliput/drake/systems/framework/continuous_state.h"
#include "maliput/drake/systems/framework/event_status.h"
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class  System< T >
 Base class for all System functionality that is dependent on the templatized scalar type T for input, state, parameters, and outputs. More...
class  WitnessFunction< T >
 Class that stores a function that is able to help determine the time and state at which a step of the initial value problem integration of a System should end, which may be done for any number of purposes, including publishing or state reinitialization (i.e., event handling). More...
class  EventCollection< EventType >
 There are three concrete event types for any System: publish, discrete state update, and unrestricted state update, listed in order of increasing ability to change the state (i.e., zero to all). More...
class  LeafEventCollection< EventType >
 A concrete class that holds all simultaneous homogeneous events for a LeafSystem. More...
class  CompositeEventCollection< T >
 This class bundles an instance of each EventCollection<EventType> into one object that stores the heterogeneous collection. More...
class  LeafCompositeEventCollection< T >
 A CompositeEventCollection for a LeafSystem. More...
class  EventData
 Base class for storing trigger-specific data to be passed to event handlers. More...
class  PeriodicEventData
 A token describing an event that recurs on a fixed period. More...
class  WitnessTriggeredEventData< T >
 Class for storing data from a witness function triggering to be passed to event handlers. More...
class  Event< T >
 Abstract base class that represents an event. More...
struct  PeriodicEventDataComparator
 Structure for comparing two PeriodicEventData objects for use in a map container, using an arbitrary comparison method. More...
class  PublishEvent< T >
 This class represents a publish event. More...
class  DiscreteUpdateEvent< T >
 This class represents a discrete update event. More...
class  UnrestrictedUpdateEvent< T >
 This class represents an unrestricted update event. More...


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using TriggerTypeSet = std::unordered_set< TriggerType, DefaultHash >
 This set-type alias provides a convenient API vocabulary for systems to specify multiple trigger types. More...


enum  TriggerType {
  kUnknown, kInitialization, kForced, kTimed,
  kPeriodic, kPerStep, kWitness
 Predefined types of triggers for events. More...