RoadGeometry Class Referencefinal

Detailed Description

Dragway's implementation of api::RoadGeometry.

To understand the characteristics of the geometry, consult the dragway::Segment and dragway::Lane detailed class overview docs.

#include <include/maliput_dragway/road_geometry.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RoadGeometry (const api::RoadGeometryId &id, int num_lanes, double length, double lane_width, double shoulder_width, double maximum_height, double linear_tolerance, double angular_tolerance, const math::Vector3 &inertial_to_backend_frame_translation)
 Constructs a dragway RoadGeometry. More...
 ~RoadGeometry () final=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from RoadGeometry
RoadGeometryId id () const
int num_junctions () const
const Junctionjunction (int index) const
int num_branch_points () const
const BranchPointbranch_point (int index) const
const IdIndex & ById () const
RoadPositionResult ToRoadPosition (const InertialPosition &inertial_position, const std::optional< RoadPosition > &hint=std::nullopt) const
std::vector< RoadPositionResultFindRoadPositions (const InertialPosition &inertial_position, double radius) const
double linear_tolerance () const
double angular_tolerance () const
double scale_length () const
std::vector< std::string > CheckInvariants () const
std::vector< InertialPositionSampleAheadWaypoints (const LaneSRoute &lane_s_route, double path_length_sampling_rate) const
math::Vector3 inertial_to_backend_frame_translation () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from RoadGeometry
 RoadGeometry ()=default

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RoadGeometry()

RoadGeometry ( const api::RoadGeometryId id,
int  num_lanes,
double  length,
double  lane_width,
double  shoulder_width,
double  maximum_height,
double  linear_tolerance,
double  angular_tolerance,
const math::Vector3 inertial_to_backend_frame_translation 

Constructs a dragway RoadGeometry.

[in]idThe ID of this RoadGeometry. This can be any user-selectable value.
[in]num_lanesThe number of lanes. This must be greater than zero.
[in]lengthThe length of the dragway.
[in]lane_widthThe width of each lane.
[in]shoulder_widthThe width of the shoulders on each side of the road.
[in]maximum_heightThe maximum height above the road surface modelled by the RoadGeometry.
[in]linear_toleranceThe tolerance guaranteed for linear measurements (positions).
[in]angular_toleranceThe tolerance guaranteed for angular measurements (orientations).
[in]inertial_to_backend_frame_translationthe Inertial Frame to Backend Frame translation vector

◆ ~RoadGeometry()

~RoadGeometry ( )

Reimplemented from RoadGeometry.

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