RoadGeometryBuildFlags Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Holds RoadGeometry build configuration.

See also
CreateRoadGeometry() docstring for full details on how this structure pairs with the function.

#include <include/maliput/test_utilities/mock.h>

Public Attributes

bool add_junction {false}
bool add_segment {false}
bool add_lane {false}
bool add_branchpoint {false}
bool add_lane_end_set {false}
bool expects_throw {false}
RoadGeometryIdIndexBuildFlags id_index_build_flags {}

Member Data Documentation

◆ add_branchpoint

bool add_branchpoint {false}

◆ add_junction

bool add_junction {false}

◆ add_lane

bool add_lane {false}

◆ add_lane_end_set

bool add_lane_end_set {false}

◆ add_segment

bool add_segment {false}

◆ expects_throw

bool expects_throw {false}

◆ id_index_build_flags

RoadGeometryIdIndexBuildFlags id_index_build_flags {}

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