StrategyBase Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Provides a base interface for defining strategies that will affect the behavior of the queries RoadGeomoetry::ToRoadPosition and RoadGeomoetry::FindRoadPositions.

See RoadGeometry::InitializeStrategy().

#include <include/maliput/geometry_base/strategy_base.h>

Inheritance diagram for StrategyBase:

Public Member Functions

virtual ~StrategyBase ()=default
api::RoadPositionResult ToRoadPosition (const api::InertialPosition &inertial_position, const std::optional< api::RoadPosition > &hint) const
std::vector< api::RoadPositionResultFindRoadPositions (const api::InertialPosition &inertial_position, double radius) const

Protected Member Functions

 StrategyBase (const api::RoadGeometry *rg)
const api::RoadGeometryget_road_geometry () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~StrategyBase()

virtual ~StrategyBase ( )

◆ StrategyBase()

StrategyBase ( const api::RoadGeometry rg)

Member Function Documentation

◆ FindRoadPositions()

std::vector<api::RoadPositionResult> FindRoadPositions ( const api::InertialPosition inertial_position,
double  radius 
) const

◆ get_road_geometry()

const api::RoadGeometry* get_road_geometry ( ) const

◆ ToRoadPosition()

api::RoadPositionResult ToRoadPosition ( const api::InertialPosition inertial_position,
const std::optional< api::RoadPosition > &  hint 
) const

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