Event< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Event< T >, including all inherited members.

AddToComposite(TriggerType trigger_type, CompositeEventCollection< T > *events) constEvent< T >
AddToComposite(CompositeEventCollection< T > *events) constEvent< T >
Clone() constEvent< T >
DoAddToComposite(TriggerType trigger_type, CompositeEventCollection< T > *events) const =0Event< T >protectedpure virtual
DoClone() const =0Event< T >protectedpure virtual
Event()Event< T >
Event(const TriggerType &trigger)Event< T >explicitprotected
get_event_data() constEvent< T >
get_mutable_event_data()Event< T >
get_trigger_type() constEvent< T >
has_event_data() constEvent< T >
is_discrete_update() const =0Event< T >pure virtual
set_event_data(std::unique_ptr< EventData > data)Event< T >
set_trigger_type(const TriggerType trigger_type)Event< T >
TriggerType typedefEvent< T >
~Event()Event< T >virtual