MockRoadGeometry Class Reference

#include <include/maliput/test_utilities/mock.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MockRoadGeometry (const RoadGeometryId &id)
 MockRoadGeometry (const RoadGeometryId &id, const double &linear_tolerance, const double &angular_tolerance, const math::Vector3 &inertial_to_backend_frame_translation)
void add_junction (std::unique_ptr< MockJunction > junction)
void set_start_bp (std::unique_ptr< MockBranchPoint > start_bp)
void set_end_bp (std::unique_ptr< MockBranchPoint > end_bp)
MockBranchPointstart_bp ()
MockBranchPointend_bp ()
MockIdIndexGetIdIndex ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RoadGeometry
virtual ~RoadGeometry ()=default
RoadGeometryId id () const
 Returns the persistent identifier. More...
int num_junctions () const
 Returns the number of Junctions in the RoadGeometry. More...
const Junctionjunction (int index) const
 Returns the Junction indexed by index. More...
int num_branch_points () const
 Returns the number of BranchPoints in the RoadGeometry. More...
const BranchPointbranch_point (int index) const
 Returns the BranchPoint indexed by index. More...
const IdIndexById () const
 Accesses the IdIndex interface, which allows getting elements of the RoadGeometry's object graph by their unique id's. More...
RoadPositionResult ToRoadPosition (const InertialPosition &inertial_position, const std::optional< RoadPosition > &hint=std::nullopt) const
 Determines the RoadPosition corresponding to InertialPosition inertial_position. More...
std::vector< RoadPositionResultFindRoadPositions (const InertialPosition &inertial_position, double radius) const
 Obtains all RoadPositions within radius of inertial_position. More...
double linear_tolerance () const
 Returns the tolerance guaranteed for linear measurements (positions). More...
double angular_tolerance () const
 Returns the tolerance guaranteed for angular measurements (orientations). More...
double scale_length () const
 Returns the characteristic scale length expressed by this RoadGeometry. More...
std::vector< std::string > CheckInvariants () const
 Verifies certain invariants guaranteed by the API. More...
std::vector< InertialPositionSampleAheadWaypoints (const LaneSRoute &lane_s_route, double path_length_sampling_rate) const
 Samples lane_s_route at path_length_sampling_rate and converts those LanePositions into InertialPositions. More...
math::Vector3 inertial_to_backend_frame_translation () const
 The Backend Frame is an inertial frame similar to the Inertial Frame that differ one from another by an isometric transformation. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from RoadGeometry
 RoadGeometry ()=default

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MockRoadGeometry() [1/2]

◆ MockRoadGeometry() [2/2]

MockRoadGeometry ( const RoadGeometryId id,
const double linear_tolerance,
const double angular_tolerance,
const math::Vector3 inertial_to_backend_frame_translation 

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_junction()

void add_junction ( std::unique_ptr< MockJunction junction)

◆ end_bp()

MockBranchPoint* end_bp ( )

◆ GetIdIndex()

MockIdIndex* GetIdIndex ( )

◆ set_end_bp()

void set_end_bp ( std::unique_ptr< MockBranchPoint end_bp)

◆ set_start_bp()

void set_start_bp ( std::unique_ptr< MockBranchPoint start_bp)

◆ start_bp()

MockBranchPoint* start_bp ( )

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